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More details on prize category?

given the categories, is there more information as to how each category is judged?
For instance, what exactly does "Engineering Excellence" even mean?


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    More details (also available on the home page):

    Incubation / Best Product
    Is it solving a clear problem? Is it clear who it's being built for/how they will use it? Does the solution address the problems at hand? Is it useful?

    Scalability / Global Impact
    Does this idea have the potential to reach many people at a large scale, worldwide? Could it be used by different people in different regions of the world?

    User Experience / Design
    Is this solution easy to use? Is it aesthetically appealing? Is it an innovative take on guiding user action?

    Originality / Most Unique Concept
    Is this idea unique, creative or novel? Is this idea different from existing products out there? Does it solve the problem in an unusual but effective way?

    Engineering Excellence
    Does it work? Is the implementation and/or approach interesting? How much did your team write vs. pull from other libraries? Is it useful?

    Young Innovator
    This prize is available to students only and will identify the best solution created by college-age hackers.

    Does the solution empower individuals to make a difference for others? Does the solution mobilize grassroots support? Does it make individual users feel like a part of a larger movement to create change?

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